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Sustainable Settings Ranch Product Price List
Demeter Certified Biodynamic, local food.       Demeter-Green-180x288

Products available at the ranch in Carbondale, Tuesday – Saturday. Delivery available $10, within the Roaring Fork Valley.

prices are subject to change

We are proud to make our nutrient dense, DEMETER Certified – biodynamic food available to our community.

Please call for more information on any of our products. 970-963-6107 or email

100% Grass Fed beyond organic meats


Pastured chicken – roasting hens  – SOLD OUT
Soup hens (our older laying hens, great for soup stocks) $6 lb
Turkeys – $12.50 lb, taking orders for now!


Our famous Lamb Sausage $15lb (German, breakfast or Italian)
Ground – $15lb
Chops – $25lb
Shoulder Chops – $18lb
Leg – $18lb
Ribs – $10
Offal – liver, heart, kidney $8lb


Whole Animal approximately 400lbs $8lb, ½ animal app. 200lb $8.50lb, ¼ animal app 100lb $9lb

T-Bone Steak – $30lb
Sirloin Steak – $15lb
Chuck Steak – $12lb
Short Ribs – $10lb
Stew Meat – $10lb
Ground Beef – $10lb
Marrow & Broth Bones – $6lb
Offal – liver, heart, kidney $9lb
Osso Bucco – $10lb
Oxtail – $9lb
Beef Fresh Sausage – Polish and Bratwurts $15 lb


Chops – $20lb
Ham – $8lb
Fresh Whole Hams – 20-25 lbs each $7lb
Country Style Ribs – $14lb
Ground – $10lb
Pork Fat – $5lb


Beyond organic, no soy, no canola $10 doz limited availability in the winter months

Produce available seasonally starting in May


Full share – $855 for 19 weeks($45 per week)
Half share – $475 for 19 weeks ($25 per week)

We always have an interesting assortment of greens, veggies include our amazing broccoli, carrots, sugar   snap peas, beets, onions, garlic, lambs quarter, purslane, potatoes and much more. You can add on eggs and meat for an additional cost.

Pick up is any time on Saturdays, delivery available in the Roaring Fork Valley($10 each week additional).

NEW THIS YEARreusable produce bags, no more plastic bags!!! We are partnering with a hemp bag company to offer reusable bags. Up front cost will be $60 which gives you 20 bags you’ll get to keep them at the end of the season.

Raw Milk available through our Herd Share program

Purchasing a Herdshare – $80 monthly (one gallon of milk each week)
Includes – monthly fees for Jar Fee $2.16, Membership $4.16, Boarding Fee $73.68. Members of our Herd Share program also have access to cream, yogurt and kefir.

Please call for more information on any of our products. 970-963-6107 or email