Peter Bane
Editor, Permaculture Activist; Co-founder of Earthheaven, Black Mountain, NC

Bill Browning
Founder, Green Development Services, Rocky Mountain Institute; Co-author, Green Development; Snowmass, CO

Paul Hawken
Founder, The Natural Step U.S.A.; Author, Ecology of Commerce, and Co-author, Natural Capitalsim; Mill Valley, CA

Clary Illian
Potter; Author, A Potter’s Workbook; Ely, Iowa

Wes Jackson
Founder, The Land Institute; Author, Becoming Native to this Place, New Roots for Agriculture; Salina, KS

Lucy Lippard
Author, The Lure of the Local, Overlay, Mixed Blessings; Galisteo, NM

Amory Lovins
Co-founder and Director of Research, Rocky Mountain Institute; Author, Soft Energy Paths, Co-author, Natural Capitalism, Factor Four; Snowmass, CO

Susan Maxman
FAIA, (former) President; Founder, Susan Maxman Partners, Philadelphia, PA

Trina Paulus
Agricultural activist; Author, Hope for the Flowers; Montclair, NJ

Elizabeth Plotke-Giordani
Restauranteur, Campo de Fiore; Aspen, CO

John Todd
President, Ocean Arks International; Founder, Living Technologies Inc.; Falmouth, MA

Peter Warshall
Biologist; Editor, Whole Earth Review, Tucson, AZ

Emeritus National Advisory Board
Scott Pittman
Executive Director, Permaculture Institute; Co-founder Permaculture Credit Union; Pojaque, NM
George Stranahan
Founder, Aspen Center of Physics; Founder, COMPASS; Woody Creek, CO