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Celebrate the bounty with us this year

July 7,8,9
(during the Full Buck Moon )
Biodynamic Summer Chautauqua

for tickets call 970-963-6107 or email
A HANDS-ON REGENERATION RETREAT… Are you ready for an epiphany? Buckle up!

Join us for an adventurous weekend exploring the practical alchemical arts of sacred agriculture.
This interactive hands-on Biodynamic emersion experience is for people who are ready to explore vertical pathways that broaden their imaginations, and rebuild relationships with the “seen” and the “unseen” that build optimum health and feed our malnourished souls
Rediscover the depths of flavor, and the imaginative implementation of ancient and contemporary alchemical agricultural practice. Slow deliberate celebratory eating and drinking will occur between epiphanic moments. 3-day feasting & farming extravaganza
This event sells out fast so RESERVE your weekend reservation now ! 

The farm to fork distance on this weekend will be less than 1,200 feet! Instead of the typical 1,200 miles.
Join us to eat, drink, dance, and celebrate the bounty of this land and what this community provides.

Best food and drink you’ll ever put in your mouth…feeds the soul this one does…

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– OR call us at 970-963-6107!

We look forward to celebrating with you!