Sustainable Settings Ranch is Demeter Certified

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Sustainable Settings practices sustainable agriculture geared toward our high altitude, semi-arid climate. These practices and techniques form an agricultural system that draws from a broad range of methodologies, including agro-ecology, biodynamics, biomimicry, indigenous techniques, permaculture, and holistic management. The integration of these methodologies creates a robust organic food, herb and fiber production that is closely interwoven with the wild ecosystem in which it is embedded.

Our sustainable agricultural system integrates a diverse selection of flora and fauna modeled after self-regulating ecosystems, and is designed to:

  • Increase agricultural productivity
  • Provide safe, nutritious food, herb & fiber
  • Increase bio-diversity & wildlife habitat
  • Increase water productivity & efficiency
  • Re-build top soil
  • Utilize solar energy effectively

working in the garden
This hybrid of agrarian techniques and practices maximizes nutrient and resource cycling with materials harvested onsite and from within the bioregion, and eliminates the need for petroleum-based fuels, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Sustainable Settings’ approach to agriculture allows for the provision of safe, nutritious food. It does this while enhancing ecological vitality and creating productive and commercially flexible enterprise models that are replicable by other farmers and ranchers throughout the inter-mountain West. Core elements of our sustainable agriculture include:

    • Constructed Wetlands
    • Edible Mushroom Production
    • Efficient Irrigation Systems
    • Heirloom Fruit Initiative
    • Holistic Livestock Management & Rotational Grazing
    • Integrated Pest Management
    • Managed Wood Lot
    • Nutrient Cycling
    • Organic Vegetable Production
    • Perennial Food Forests
    • Soil Regeneration Initiative
    • Year-round Greens Production

Jose plowing