Support Sustainable Settings by donating “Wish List” tools and equipment.

Land Management Tools and Equipment:

Backhoe with attachments
Diesel pick-up with flat bed
Fencing – T post, roils of wire (hog/chicken)
Gated pipe/irrigation pipe ask (GSS)
Garden Tiller – Bertolini
Meat Saws
Round baler implement for tractor
Skid loader
Skid Steer with any and all attachments
Snow plow
Solar electric fencing
T-bars (spreaders, steel carcass)
Track Hoe
Tractor – 3 point, PTO, bucket

Dimensional lumber
Commercial grade kitchen appliances
Restaurant grade 4 or 6 burner gas range
Stainless kitchen stove vent hood
Walk-in coolers

2 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, & 8 ft level
Axe heads & handles
Ceramic tile saw
Cordless power tools & extra battery packs
Crescent wrenches
Drill batteries
Drill bits
Drill press
Hand saws
Hand tools & tool boxes/bags
Ladders – Set, extension, & scaffolding
Measuring tapes
Mosaic tools
Screwdrivers flatheads and Phillips
Set of open-end wrenches
Socket and ratchet set
Speed and roofing squares
Splitting maul
Staple guns & staples
Transit and Tripod

Complete Wood Shop
Belt sander
Carpenter clamps
• Bar
• Bench/hold downs
• C clamps
• Handscrew
• Miter & Corner
• Strap
• Toggle
• Straight Edge
Circular saw
Power palm sander
Radial arm saw
Table saw
Ventilation System
Wood bench vice
Wood planer – portable & stationary
Wood jointer
Bins/Cabinets for Storage
Tap and die set (wood)

Complete Metal Shop:
Air Ventilation
Angle Grinders and accessories
Bins for recyclable material
C clamps
Chip Hammer
Cutting torch and accessories
• Oxy-acetylene
• Plasma
• Laser
Dremel set and accessories
Drill press and bits
Eye Protection
File sets
Grinding mask
Heat Gun
Heavy duty extension cords
Jaw horse
Jumper pack
Large Air compressor
Metal table/bench
Metal bench vice
Oil containers
Peg board/wall
Portable air compressor
Portable carts
Portable lights
Steel Rack – 5 – 25 ft long
Tap and die set (metal)
Torch Mask
• Arc
• Gas & acetylene
Welding magnets
Welding material
Welding helmets
Welding clothes/sleeves
Extra tanks – oxy & CO2

New roof on the office
Office chairs