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Thank you for your interest in our Sustaining Partner Program.


Our aim is to be on the leading edge of agricultural research while fostering a hands-on, unique and transformative education experience. To do this we demonstrate various methods for building all levels of health (human, animal, plant, soil) within the domain of nature.

Each year we host thousands of students and visitors for hands-on learning and your financial support makes that work possible.

When you become a Sustaining Partner, you become a partner in our mission to inspire people of all ages and communities to embrace integrated solutions for sustainable and healthful development. Please join us.

Our Impact

  • We inspire and encourage children and adults to learn about the importance of the following areas: community development, ecologic renewal, green building, animal husbandry, green building, biological waste treatment, habitat restoration, historic preservation, energy efficient infrastructure, holistic land use planning, respect for cultural integrity, efficient transportation, renewable energy systems, resource & energy efficiency, and thinking in a whole-systems mindset.
  • We test and experiment with innovative ways to build fertile soil through crop rotations, composting, diversity, and integrated crop and animal production.
  • We teach young farmers and ranchers to use organic, holistic and biodynamic methods that are vital to building healthy soil and securing our local food supply.
  • We allow young adult to develop and experiment with sustainable micro-enterprises.
  • We host K–12 and university programs for experimental curriculum classes.
  • We partner with the Natural Resource Conservation Society to provide yearly soil data illustrating the impact of our practices.

To continue our impact, we need to begin construction of much needed staff housing as soon as possible.



Once funding requirements are met, we will begin construction on a solar-powered barn and research center.


Your gift of any amount will bring us closer to beginning our next stage of development, to provide reasonable housing to our hard working staff and interns, and to continuing our impact in our community and abroad.

Please help us reach our goals by joining us as a Sustaining Partner

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