Art for Daily Life

In Western and Western-influenced societies, our table is divided: art has become separate from daily life. However, daily life can bridge art and community, emphasizing connections rather than continuing our alienation from environment and one-another.

In modern art movements, irreverence has reigned as the avant-garde. Now, at the turn of the millennium, a radical reverence for the natural world and our place in it encourages an urgent reorientation of cultural values.

Sustainable Settings seeks to place art back into people’s hands, on their tables, and into their lives. As people trained as designers and artisans, we take responsibility to help others rediscover beauty in daily life. In buildings, landforms, domestic objects, events and celebrations, we create and appreciate works of art and beauty that are vital to daily life. Essential to this practice is the idea that our actions are expressions of our relationship with the social and ecological world around us.

Art for Daily Life embraces the aesthetics of practical craftsmanship as well as the aesthetics of land use patterns and collaboratively designed and created human-nature interfaces.