What has been most exciting for me at Sustainable Settings is the integration of different elements, and the combination of ideas and tangible production in terms of food, energy, shelter, and education. Being here has given me an opportunity to be a part of the struggles and successes of an organization grappling daily with some extremely difficult environmental questions. Without all the answers, and without denying the realities of growing planetary destabilization, I’m thankful that here we find a way to laugh as we work on solutions.

  • Upcoming Events

    Slow Money's "BEETCOIN CAMPAIGN" Beetcoin campaigns link the power of crowdfunding to the knowledge of local investors and the relationships built at Slow Money events. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to Our Harvest Festival!
  • Whole Systems Learning

    Our Whole Systems Learning Center is an unprecedented effort to provide an experiential learning environment for a sustainable future. INTERNSHIPS, Workshops, site visits

  • Working Ranch

    Building an island of health from the soil to our plates. Featuring a Biodynamic A2 raw dairy, vegetables, herbs and flowers and 100% grassfed meats and no-soy eggs. Time to buy seeds!!! come see us at the ranch

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  • Sustainable Agriculture & Education

    for information on our herdshare program visit www.sustainablesettings.org/dairy/
    call 970-963-6107 for our 2016 CSA. A CSA is a membership farm where members pay for shares of fresh, weekly vegetables. Learn how you can become a member.
    for a complete list of interviews and shows go to http://www.grassrootstv.org/sustainablesettings
    ReSkilling workshops 2016 - HEMP!! May 14, Growing, Eating, and other uses. More workshops coming soon!
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  • Teaming with Life: Soil Microbes 1800x

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