Sustainable Settings Ranch has humanely raised beyond organic beef packages available. Our beef cows are raised by our dairy cows and sometimes vary in breed. Each animal has access to Advanced Biological Concepts 12-Stone Mineral Program (see more:; which in our opinion is the best organic livestock mineral programs available: Redmond salt, and organic kelp. Our animals are holistically grazed with a management intensive grazing practice on biodynamic pasture consisting of the most diverse legume and grass forage around. We process our meat at Mountain Meats USDA facility in Craig, CO where our beef is aged 21 days then vacuum sealed in individual packaging.

Each cow has a different cut weight so exact weights may vary. Generally a whole cow will range from 400-600 lbs. cut weight.


Whole cow:   If you have space for a whole cow or want to arrange friends and family members to share in the cost you can save some money by doing so. With this option you will receive everything the animal provides including T-Bone, Rib-eye, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Chuck, Round, Short Ribs, Stew meat, Ground, Marrow and Broth bones, Liver, Tongue, Kidney and Heart.  $8/pound


Half cow:  A half cow would essentially be the same as a whole cow except some of the organ meats are difficult to split up. A half cow would likely be a 200-300 pound package. $8.50/pound


Quarter cow:  Same as a half cow but with less organ meats. 100-150 pounds. $9/pound


Pioneer Beef package:  The Pioneer Beef package weighs 80 pounds and will include 40 pounds of Ground, some T-Bone, Rib-eye, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Chuck, Round, and Stew. $760 ($9.50/lb.)


Sopris Beef package:  The Sopris Beef package weighs 50 pounds and will include 25 pounds of Ground, some T-Bone, Rib-eye, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Chuck, Round, and Stew. $525 ($10.50/lb.)


Due to the freshness of our products all packages must be pre-ordered. Please allow approximately 21 days for aging and another week for handling and pickup. Due to limited freezer space a time will be scheduled for you to pick up at the farm that works for all parties.


For questions, please email: ; Office: (970) 963-6107