Workshops and Classes 2022

Unless noted, all workshops take place at Sustainable Settings Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado. To reserve a spot in one of our workshops we request a non refundable(unless we need to cancel the class) 50% deposit of total workshop fee one month before the workshop starts. If you need to drop out of a class we require one month notice in order for you to receive a refund. To register for any class call 970-963-6107 or email More will be added monthly so check back often!

We have WORKING RANCH DOGS on the premise, Please leave your dogs at home. Sustainable Settings is not responsible for damage to your property if you have an animal with you.

All Biodynamic classes are taught by Lloyd Nelson, founder of Biodynamic Source.

DUE TO WEATHER… Date has been changed to Friday March 18, 10am-4pm

Biodynamic Tree Care, Spring Tree Pruning & Enhancements
March 16, Wednesday 10am-4pm 

Bring a picnic lunch, take home 1 gallon of tree paste, bring a bucket!
to register, call 970-963-6107 or email

Includes one gallon of BD tree paste to take home for your own fruit trees. Bring:  gloves, a 5 gallon bucket, old paint brush and/or scrub brush, sun hat water bottle, dress for any kind of weather. This hands on workshop will include making and using Biodynamic Tree Paste for deciduous, pruned and exhausted trees. Tree paste does wonders for the health of trees, but it also practically demonstrates the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the trunk of a tree being likened to an elongated mound of earth, upon which plants (leaves) grow: “There is an intimate relationship between what is within the contours of a plant, and the soil surrounding the plant. It is not at all true that life stops at the plant’s perimeter. Life as such continues on, namely from the roots of the plant into the soil, and for many plants there is no sharp dividing line between life inside them and the life in their surroundings. Soil that is permeated with humus like substances in the processes of decomposition, actually contains living ether … something etheric and alive, this means it is on the way to becoming a kind of plant sheathing. It just doesn’t go as far as to become the kind of sheathing that draws itself into the bark of a tree.”– Rudolf Steiner, Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture, Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, 1993 Tree paste nourishes the tree through its bark and cambium (the ever growing layer under the bark), so it is applied to the bark of trees rather than the soil. Tree paste seals and heals pruning wounds, fills crevices where pests can over-winter and it is also highly effective in ridding trees of scale, borer, and disease infestations. Even if you have already pruned your trees, this tree paste is still beneficial to apply at this time.


Biodynamic Astronomy – using the BD Planting Calendar 
April 20, Wednesday  4pm-8pm  $95

This journey will provide insight into the planetary influences on plant growth, and help you formulate your own planting calendar for the 2022 season. Learn how to interpret Biodynamic planting calendars and discover the optimum days and times to plant seeds, to cultivate, to harvest and store your crops. The Maria Thun, calendar will be reviewed and used for the course.





Biodynamic 101
May 7, Saturday, 10am-4pm, $95

This is a foundation course and is highly recommended before participating in other advanced Biodynamic courses offered at Sustainable Settings. The history of Biodynamics and the significance of the nine Biodynamic preparations. Designing a farm as a whole living organism.
Learn about the core principles of Biodynamics including:
~ Overview of the key principles of Biodynamics.
~ The practical application creating regenerative on farm fertility.
~ Recipes and methods you can use at home.
~ Planting with the moon, and optimum astrological times for agricultural activities.
Biodynamic compost is a fundamental component to vitalize the farm. It serves as a way to recycle animal manures and organic wastes, stabilize nitrogen, build soil humus and is essential to soil health. Biodynamic compost is
unique because it is made with BD preparations 502−507. Together, the BD preparations and BD compost may be considered the cornerstone of biodynamics. We will make BD Compost, and you’ll get to take some home, bring a 5 gallon bucket.


2022 BEE GUARDIANS with Corwin Bell of BackYardHives

date to be announced
$100 each day
to register click on the links below
Session 1
Session 2

Lunches both days are Pot Luck please bring a simple dish to share.

Learn Corwin’s Bee Guardianship Methods.
This 2 day, in-depth workshop covers all of the basics toward getting started with bees. We with demonstrate the practical steps for setting up your hive, getting bees established in your hive and a though presentation of hive seasonal management.

Session 1 covers more than just the bee basics, which is a misnomer because there is nothing basic about the bees!
Corwin paints a fascinating picture of how bee genetics informs survivor behavior traits, how these traits make up the bees’ behavioral immune system and directly relate to survivability. In Session1 Corwin launches into the big picture of the bees as a super organism, why we teach bee keeping the way we do and why we designed the type of hives we use. We compare and contrast not only different hive styles generally used by the majority of bee keepers, but we also explore the various management practices which will clearly demonstrate how a natural Bee Guardian approach creates a sustainable habitat for the bees. Once we learn the bee basics, understand the individual types of bees in the colony, and can identify and discern the various combs and their uses in the nest, we will have the foundation to continue with Session 2.

Session 2 we go through step-by-step management practices during the seasons of the hive. We learn to “read” combs from different locations in the honey bee nest and assess their condition, their state of health and many other factors. Corwin demonstrates unique techniques for hive management, presents a “time lapse” perspective of how the honey bee nest is initially created, how it evolves over the first year and how it is sustained over the years through careful observation and applying specific management techniques using right timing.


Biodynamic Spring Prep Intensive
June 17 & 18, Friday & Saturday, 9am-4pm  $400
lunch included both days
to register, call 970-963-6107 or email

Hands-On Practicum:
· Making BD 501 Horn Silica and BD 502 Yarrow
· Unearthing the preparations buried last fall ; BD 500x Horn Manure, BD 503 Chamomile, BD 505 Oak Bark, BD 506 Dandelion
· Practical training in dowsing and homeopathic potentization

Lecture topics:
· Demystifying the preps -the significance of the materials
· Describing the physical and subtle cosmic forces of each prep

 Tour of Biodynamic ranch systems
This workshop is intended to bring Biodynamics into your daily farming and gardening practice, introducing you to the main Biodynamic land therapies, and best dates for working with positive astronomical influences for the whole farm.


We are not able to hold this class this year. 

Overnight Camping Immersion with Stone Hunter, Aaron Watson and Lloyd Nelson
Mythology, Astrology, Astronomy, Friction Fire Starting, Live Music, Biodynamic Ranch Fresh Meals, 
To register call 970-963-6107 or email,

Join our star loving guides Lloyd Nelson, Stone Hunter and Aaron Watson for this overnight exploration into the universe beyond and within. During this course participants will begin Saturday afternoon with an introductory seminar to the planets and stars as viewed by ancient cultures and through the work of Rudolf Steiner. We will work with how we “read” the stellar relationships to make practical decisions about how we work in our gardens and in ourselves as well as become more perceptive to the way in which heavenly movements affect all of life on Earth.
After our afternoon deep-dive sessions we will enjoy a delicious farm fresh dinner prepared with veggies, dairy and meats from Sustainable Settings and craft drinks from Jackrabbit Hill Vineyard. Those who are interested may then enjoy a brief demonstration of traditional fire starting as we light up the night for music and stories around the campfire. As the new moon night grows darker we will then look up to the skies to map out the very constellations and planets we were studying early in the day. Mythology will meet stellar physics as we view stars through telescopes and with our naked eyes to gain new orientation to our place in the cosmos.
Sunday Morning there will be coffee and tea in the morning followed by a hardy farm breakfast. We will close our time together with a final synthesis of what we experienced together with reflections, inspirations and insights from all. Finally there will be a farm walk for those interested in seeing real life embodiments of cosmic archetypes at Sustainable Settings!

1pm-2:45: Introduction to Astrosophy
Living Mythology… Womb, Man and Cosmos
3pm- 5pm: Biodynamics; the Rhythms of Earth and Sky
5 -6:30: Starcharts, Birth Destiny & the Zodiacal Beings
6:30 – 8 Dinner
8 – 9 Traditional Fire starting
9-11 Star Gazing, reading the living script of the Heavens

7am – 8 Coffee and Tea
8am Breakfast
9 -11 Closing Conversation, Questions, Farm Walk



Devika cooking Class Sept 3 2022

NOTE: this is SATURDAY September 3, NOT Sunday.

To sign up for this special event call Devika at 970-710-0822
or email



Biodynamic Fall Prep Intensive – 3.5 DAY $600
September 14(evening),15,16,17, 2022, Wednesday evening 4-6pm,Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 9am-5pm
to register, call 970-963-6107 or email

2022 Biodynamic Fall Prep Intensive – 3.5 DAY
September 14-17, Wednesday starts at 4pm – 6pm , Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 9am-5pm
Wednesday, September 14 will be a potluck dinner, lunch and dinners provided Thursday and Friday, lunch provided Saturday. Please let me know if you have any dietary needs.
Camping available.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity in North America.  Join us at Sustainable Settings for 3.5 days of on-ranch Biodynamic (BD) preparation making. Participants will help make all 9-Biodynamic preparations and learn to apply them to enhance the quality and quantity of life in/on your garden, farm, ranch, orchard or vineyard. Work with experienced preparation maker’s as we harvest a cow raised on-site and use parts of the cow and other containers in making different BD preps. These preparations will be made with native and specifically grown flowers, herbs and tree barks to create homeopathic remedies that regenerate soil and heal the land.
——- What you need to know——–  Call with any dietary concerns 970-963-6107.  Camping with full bathhouse facilities available.   The learning continues in the evening around  the camp fire, share your poetry, songs and music. *Limited Work Study Scholarships available call for more info. Register early, this course sells out.

Sustainable Settings is a Demeter Certified Biodynamic ranch, Member of the North American Fellowship Preparation Makers, an approved mentor ranch for North American Biodynamic Association Apprenticeship Program (NABDAAP), Founding member of the Central Colorado Biodynamic group (CCBD),  Member of the BDA


Sheepskin Hide Tanning 
We will not be holding this class this year.

Sept 25-27 2020 Hide Tanning       

During this three day workshop participants can witness and participate in the full process of natural sheepskin brain tanning with hide tanner, leather craftsmen, and seed savor Forrest Gillies along with natural builder, biodynamic practitioner and former Sustainable Settings agrarian Stone Hunter. Meals and Material included, you will leave with a tanned hide.

 Friday 8:30am-5pm we will begin with a ceremonial harvesting of a lamb which will be a staple part of our farm fresh meals throughout the course. We will show you how to remove a hide, prepare fresh and salted hides for scraping, scraping and cleaning, and then how to rack your hide for tanning and softening.

Saturday 8:30am-5pm  we will focus on the brain tanning and softening process of our racked sheepskins. Forrest will show participants some of his handiwork and discuss how he makes bags, clothing, and more with the leather he has tanned. We will also practice some truly fundamental earth skills as we light our evening fire by friction with a hand drill &/or bow drill.

Sunday 9am-2pm will be dedicated to the final softening of our hides, a forage for medicinal herbs and wood punk to smoke our hides with, and finally a smoking of the hides to cure them to take home with you! We will end around midday with a final meal, and if time allows we may get into some of the amazing features of Sustainable Settings (from advanced Biodynamic practices, to raw dairy operations, natural beekeeping, and more).

*7% of registration will go to the Navajo Reservation.


unless noted all classes are held at
Sustainable Settings
6107 Highway 133

Carbondale, CO 81623
We require a 50% non refundable(unless we need to cancel the class) deposit at least one month before a class date to hold your spot in any class. Full payment is due two weeks before the class starts. If you need to drop out of a class we require one month notice in order for you to receive a refund. .

Please note: we have working ranch dogs here, please leave your dogs at home.

For more information or to register for any class call 970-963-6107  or email