Sustaining Tomorrow Today (STT)

directed by William Evans MD

is a project of Sustainable Settings Together we can create a sustainable future.

The Mission of Sustaining Tomorrow Today:
Cultivate the awareness, skills and commitment in youth necessary
to grow a healthy, sustainable future.


Green Map
The Mid-Valley now has its first-ever map of sustainable resources.
Click above to download your own Green Map.
Look inside for restaurants serving locally grown organic foods,
businesses selling environmentally friendly products,
and organizations supporting sustainability in our valley.
As we work toward a common goal of sustainability through our purchasing decisions
we create jobs and community prosperity.

Clothesline Project
Check out these articles on the importance for localization and about
Sustaining Tomorrow Today

Video Film Production:

Documenting the exchange of “unused resources with unmet needs”

Sustaining Tomorrow Today has produced/and or collaborated on four films involving life sustaining choices.

Learning from Water To Be A Man

Premiered February, 2011

Geography of Hope Film Festival, Point Reyes, California

In this film Woody Morrison explains for thousands of years boys of the Haida culture were taught by their uncles, “To be a man learn from water. Water is the most powerful of all our relatives and yet it is the most humble.  If there is an opening to be found or an obstacle to be overcome, water will find it. Water always travels with a song.” Woody, Kawaan Sungha (Brings a Special Day), began his training at age three when he was taken by his grandfather to the old men in his Alaskan village.They were his babysitters and teachers, some of the men over one hundred years old.

The film builds on this indiginous teaching to focus on what Craig Childs, a writer, learns from walking many years over the southwest  listening for the sounds of water. Craig Childs acknowledges, “I have a long way to go on this journey and a lot to figure out.” Walking alone in open spaces and along rivers listening for the sounds of water, Craig gains qualities of indigenous clarity. He acknowledges his fear, his innate violence, and allows his children to love him. Childs books include The Secret Knowledge of Water, The Animal Dialogues, The House of Rain, The Way Out, and most recently Finders Keepers. Childs lives west of Carbondale. He is currently teaching in the east.

Clarity in Celebrating
Forest Health

 Premiered valley schools during the spring of 2011.

Forest health and human health are a relationship. Plants, trees, and forests

make life possible for humans and all creatures on this planet. Health is a circle

of exchanges with the earth’s forests, elements, and all things that exist.

This film is being used education with students and organizations to bring clarity and understanding about the role of life sustaining choices in evoking and maintaining health.

Amory Lovins, William Evans, and film crew

2012 Objective

Develope “health sustainablity curriculum” in collaberation with Marble Charter School Greenhouse Initiative


A report to the

Colorado Department of Agriculture

funded by Flux Farm Foundation

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