A more sustainable option for Sustainable Settings CSA members

Q: What do you get with a Reusable Bag Membership?

A: Two sets of 10 Reusable organic cotton/hemp bags with your name on them from the Boulder company Hands on Hemp. Each set contains:ü  7- 12×17 55% organic cotton/45% hemp bagsü  3 – 8×10 45% organic cotton/55% hemp bags

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It’s a ONE TIME fee of $60 ($3/bag) & you get to keep the bags at the end of the season! ($30 for a half share w/10 bags)

Q: How does the reusable bag membership work?

A: At the beginning of the season you purchase 20 reusable bags. We will label each of your bags with your name. This ensures that only you will be using your bags each week, not someone else. The first week we will have 8-10 of your bags clean and full of produce for you to pick up! The following week you will pick up your 2nd box with your other 8-10 bags filled and RETURN your empty CLEANED bags and box for us to fill for the following week. The rest of the season goes like this with you always returning a set of CLEAN bags and box when you come to pick up your next box. At the end of the season you get to keep your bags!

Q: Tell me about the bags!

Hands on Hemp bags are made of organic cotton and sustainably harvested hemp in a fair labor facility in China and distributed from Boulder, Co. These cotton/hemp blend bags have optimal moisture retention – you want to keep the water in the veggies so they stay crisp and “alive” and optimal air circulation – too much trapped moisture creates conditions for rotting. This means no more soggy greens! They are hand washable and washing machine washable and last up to 15 years! (information was taken from www.handsonhemp.com)

To sign up check the Reusable Bag Membership Box on your CSA contract or email Sunny at sustygarden@gmail.com