Understanding that one organism’s waste is another’s food we are building systems into our green built solar dairy barn and pasture ecosystem that are restorative for the soil and grass polyculture while producing food and shelter for people. Harvesting Nature’s intelligence by modeling our designs to run on the sun and recycle “wastes”, we are creating a “solar microenterprise”. This barn and pasture system are designed to be a living system, one that models an important new economic model as we transition to a solar economy. We invite you to take part in the creation of this example of a living food producing system, a merger of state-of-the-art green development and sustainable agriculture; one that

  • harvests the genius of this special place
  • runs on the sun’s energy, producing it’s own energy and food
  • recycles wastes into appropriate nutrient cycles regenerating healthy soil, air, and water resources
  • is a replicable model of a financially sustainable micro-enterprise for other farmers and ranchers
  • is an educational facility that teaches about the revolution in whole systems thinking and models a hopeful future as we find our way out of this fossil-fueled interlude
  • combines all of the above in the development of a crucial facility that demonstrates how we can build resilience in local food sheds and develop a more food secure future.

Want to get involved? Call us soon to see how you can help develop this local agricultural facility that will provide fresh whole food to our valley community, one that demonstrates how our buildings can be designed and operated as living entities that feed their surrounding landscape instead of burdening the owner and the site they live on.To help support Sustainable Settings’ Raw Dairy Initiative or to sign up for a share of raw milk call 970-963-6107. Through our Herd Share Program we are able to give our members access to raw milk.

For information on our Raw Milk Products and our Herd Share Program, please click here.

Our Raw Dairy Barn is up and running, and we’re expanding our facilities to build a green-built run-on-the-sun Dairy Barn. Please contact us at 970-963-6107 for more information.