Here in Colorado we have 300+ days of sunshine. Learn about the simple andtested solutions that allow us to harness this free energy that comes to us daily.

Solar hot water heating it is one of the most cost effective ways for us to use the sun’s energy, to reduce our dependency of fossil energy and to lower our utility bills. This design and build workshop will take the participant through the planning and design considerations for a solar hot water system that is capable of supplying a home, office or light industry with sufficient hot water for all its needs.

The system we will design and build will heat all the hot water requirements for our new solar dairy barn and milk facility. Call for details and to get on our list for the course.

This hands-on intensive design and build workshop, over two weekends, takes you through the history of solar greenhouse design and the actual design and construction of a small passive solar pit greenhouse that is suited for our high-altitude semi-arid climate.
Learn the core elements of solar building science as applied to year-round food production.

We will cover:

  • the ethics and principles of green building
  • the benefits of harvesting recycled and local building materials
  • how to harvest a steady source of energy
  • how to store that energy with low tech affordable systems and
  • how to manage a year-round growing space for food, herb and flower production

Bring your notebook, camera and sack lunch for each of the four days.

Instructor: Brook Le Van
Date: September 15 & 16, Saturday & Sunday,Time: 9am-5pm
Tuition: $180, includes lunches both days