Our Mission and Purpose

Established in August 1997 Sustainable Settings is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization that inspires people and communities to embrace integrated solutions for sustainable development.

To accomplish our mission we research, design and demonstrate  whole-systems strategies in regenerative Biodynamic agriculture, land stewardship, green development, and micro-enterprise. Through our educational programs we raise awareness of our, human being’s, place and purpose in the matrix of life in our biosphere.


Sustainable Settings owns the 244-acre historic Thompson Creek Ranch in Carbondale Colorado where we operate our working ranch and Whole Systems Learning Center.  This daily and long-term committed effort is to provide the arena and programming where human beings might find a harmonious regenerative intersection with Nature.  We work on direct and locally applicable sustainable solutions to climate change, food production and energy security.  First and foremost is the regeneration of healthy topsoil – health in all systems – things we believe to be paramount if we are to survive.  This effort is intended to move the culture into greater awareness of human being’s responsible participation as humble stewards and reverent members within Nature’s economy.