Land Stewardship

Land stewardship is at the core of Sustainable Settings’ mission and is central to the development of enduring human-nature dynamics. Land stewardship describes an ethic for daily interaction with the environments in which we live and work, as well as the specific restoration techniques that we can employ to regenerate degraded landscapes. At the Thompson Creek Ranch, we have the opportunity through our education and outreach programs and whole systems learning center to explore and demonstrate a land stewardship ethic. At our site, we model the specific restoration techniques that are so important to the recovery and long-term vitality of the ecosystems upon which our societies and economies depend. These techniques include:

  • Construction of wetlands
  • Implementation of sustainable agriculture
  • Mitigation of air, land & water pollution
  • Mitigation of erosion and topsoil loss
  • Protection and revitalization of water resources
  • Protection of critical wildlife corridors
  • Reintroduction & preservation of native species
  • Restoration of native habitat


Aerial view of Sustainable Settings