Now accepting applications for 2022 internships. Our internships provide the opportunity to understand what it takes to provide food for and participate in a community. We work and play hard!

Internship time frame: early April – late November

Sustainable Settings offers three-six internships per year ranging from seven months to two years in length. Internships are built around the whole systems approaches that guide the dynamic integration of sustainable strategies on the ranch. All internships are a debt free opportunity. We do not charge for your learning during your time as an intern. Interns become an integral part of our working ranch. Participating in growing, irrigating, milking, and daily rhythms of the ranch.

Limited housing is provided, though we do have a good network of supports that may be able to offer housing at a subsidized rate. At peak season, Interns should plan on spending 9-10 hours a day, 5 days a week on the ranch. Weeks that are scheduled with special ranch events may require more hours. We work hard and have a lot of fun!

Interns, though working predominantly in an area of emphasis (green building/ renewable energy/ sustainable agriculture, etc.), collaborate and study in all areas of Sustainable Settings during their internship.

Expectations and Qualifications​

  • Interns must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Interns must have personal health insurance or a financial plan for medical costs as
    Sustainable Settings is not liable.
  • Interns should view this experience as a job. Interns will learn all aspects of the ranch. Interns are responsible for their own learning. We are not here to entertain you.
  • Interns must be able to lift at least 50 pounds, work outdoors in variable weather, maintain a good attitude
    and be willing to get dirty!

*Biodynamic Food and Medicinal Herb Production Internships * – Soil building, biodynamic crop planning, permaculture principals and structures, water systems and management, succession plantings, high-altitude garden/herb crop varieties, sourcing and saving open pollinated organic seeds, solutions to different scales of production; backyard/city lot to large acreage, tiered marketing strategies and development of local food systems (including CSA development.) Learning will focus on biodynamic and organic techniques, the basics of nutrient cycling, growing, cultivating, harvesting, and marketing food for rural and urban applications. Interns will have the opportunity to work with Stephanie Syson of Biodynamic Botanicals  which is located here at Sustainable Settings.

* Livestock, Dairy, and Management Intensive Grazing(MIG) Internship * – working larger tracks of land for the production of meat, milk, and eggs is a critical link in sustainable food production and nutrient cycling systems. This internship opportunity focuses on our high mountain pasturelands and Management Intensive Grazing methods that build healthy pasture, the foundation of healthy food for our animals and us. Interns will learn the beneficial relationships of the soil microbes, fungi, major decomposers, and healthy pasture ecologies have with the cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry in the system. Hands-on learning with our Herdsman Jared Minori, includes rotational paddock development and operation;  irrigation; soil and grass testing; forage development; livestock care; care and feeding and milking of our small Guernsey dairy herd; meat processing; product development and marketing.

*Sustainable Settings Farm To Fork – A Whole Systems Farm to
Table Culinary Stage* /Internship*
At Sustainable Settings we understand the connection between soil health and our health. That knowing how to prepare food is part of a whole systems perspective, it is an essential skill and a necessary part of sustainability. Because of this we offer an internship specifically for a culinary student: A Whole Systems Farm to Table Culinary Stage*.

As a Culinary Intern you will understand the roots of where your food comes from. Explore the flavors that can only come from freshly harvested, seasonally ripe, nutrient-dense produce.  Interns will work on all aspects of Biodynamic food production and sustainable animal husbandry. Including building soil, selecting and sowing seed, nurturing crops and timely harvesting in order to glean the maximum potential from the fields and bring them to the table through sustainable culinary practice. Learn the realities of raising healthy animals for meat, milk, and eggs. Design and create daily staff meals and private dinners that unify the field, the kitchen, and the table. Apply your new found understanding from the field to the table by building menus, orchestrating tastings and workshops.

We do on-ranch kills, slaughters, and butchering of hogs, lambs, milk fed and pastured veal (baby beef) and poultry. Our 100% grass-fed Guernsey cows produce our high in butter fat raw milk dairy products. We raise heritage laying hens for eggs, pasture heritage meat chickens, and grow a full array of heirloom vegetables from micro-greens to root crops for our CSA, and ranch store.

How to make it happen….

To apply for upcoming internships send an introductory email, resume, a statement of intent, and a list of three references with addresses and phone numbers (Please no letters). Email attachments are accepted. We will review your email and get back to you to set up a phone interview. Give us a week or so to respond to your email, if you don’t hear from us PLEASE call 970-963-6107.

*Once you have been accepted and arrive at the ranch all interns will be required to sign a release of all claims.