Sustainable Settings offers integrated consulting services to develop solutions that are appropriate to each client’s site, business or organization. Our consulting is based on an ecological design perspective and utilizes whole-system approaches. These services encompass Sustainable Agriculture, Green Development, Micro-enterprise, Land Stewardship, and Art for Daily Life.
We provide in-house expertise on self-regulating systems, energy and resource efficiency and effectiveness, as well as access to our network of pioneers and experts in related fields (for examples, see our National Advisory Board), available on either a per-hour or per-project basis. Sustainable Settings’ in-house consulting staff are certified Permaculture designers, master planning and green building specialists, licensed contractors, business development and accounting/financial strategists, and will assist you in taking your project from inspiration to execution. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Biodynamic Regenerative Agriculture — large and small scale acreage.
  • Constructed Wetland Design—residential and industrial scale.
  • Green Building Design—systems and materials for renovations, restorations and new construction.
  • Micro-enterprise Strategy—market research, feasibility studies, operational planning and execution.
  • Native Habitat Restoration—specializing in semi-arid, high-altitude applications.
  • Business/Organization Planning & Development-—advice on “invisible structures,” start-up documents, business plans, fund-raising techniques, administration and efficacy.
  • Permaculture Design—whole systems strategies for the home, farm and industry.
  • Renewable Energy Systems—integrated systems for home, community and industry.
  • Site Master Planning—infrastructure, building, design, placement and integration.

For fee schedule and more information, please contact:
Sustainable Settings – Consulting Services
6107 Highway 133, Carbondale, CO 81623
(970) 963 6107 info@sustainablesettings.org