Clothesline Project

In the Roaring Fork Valley, local advocacy for overturning homeowners restrictions on our use of renewable energy began in August 2007.  In September, Sustaining Tomorrow Today teamed with the Basalt High School Planeteers on “The Clothesline Project.”  Although we favored a state-wide change of subdivision covenants, our initial feedback was this was unlikely to succeed.  However, we preserved with local research and education as did state Representative Andy Kerr and Senator Ron Tupa in the General Assembly crafting legislation removing restrictions of home use of energy efficient measures. Skillfully they guided its passage through the General Assembly in April 2008.  At the same time in Basalt the Town Council by a 7-0 vote passed a resolution requested by Basalt High School students Alyssandra Rousseve, Tyler Wilson, Lyss Rousseve, and Katie Peckler supporting the “right to dry” and House Bill 1270.


The House Bill 1270 did pass, protecting all Colorado residents from HOA restrictions put on energy efficient measures such as retractable clotheslines, shade structures, attic fans, evaporative coolers, wind-electric generators, energy-efficient and outdoor lighting devices.




Sustaining Tomorrow Today (STT) and the Basalt Planeteers welcome both tax deductable donations and active support from citizens and other organizations also  favoring  local sustainability.